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Community Service

January 30, 2009
By Hannah Conroy BRONZE, Cave Creek, Arizona
Hannah Conroy BRONZE, Cave Creek, Arizona
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I think that everyone has their own perspective of things and of their community they live in. But my mother and I have strong opinions of where we live. Even though we are still in a neighborhood that is still being built, a lot of the workers throw all of their lunch, and any of their garbage along the road. The thing that they do not know is that some of it can hurt the animals or dogs that walk or even live along the road can hurt the environment. So that is why my mother and I set up a day of the weekend where we could pick up all of the trash along the side of the road. This is a problem for my mother and I because when we drive down the road we do not like seeing all of the garbage because we want our community to fill up, and not have to worry about people thinking that we are not a good community by having garbage all over the side of the roads where we drive on. When my mother and I drove our car out to where all of the garbage was we split up on two sides so it would make it easier to pick up more garbage with our garbage bags we had brought to pick up the trash on the roads. My mother has a bigger problem with the garbage than me because she just does not like seeing all of this garbage along the road and it just disgusted that all of the workers would do this to our community. If it were the workers community or neighborhood I bet they would care because maybe they would also not want to have trash all over their house. At least all of the workers are getting paid, because if someone that runs our neighborhood saws them throwing trash out of the window I bet that they would get fired for destroying such a good community. When my mother and I were picking up trash in the streets, and also the desert we found a lot of just old gross trash from lunch and just very other gross things that were probably from people that lived in the desert. When my mother and I had finished picking up all of the trash that we could find in the streets and desert we had exactly three full bags of black garbage bags full of trash that we had found and picked up in the trash. After we have picked up all of the trash every single day we keep seeing more and more trash. But I know someone will give back and pick up the trash like my mother and I did!

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