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Birthday Give-Away

January 30, 2009
By Terri Baker BRONZE, Scottsdal, Arizona
Terri Baker BRONZE, Scottsdal, Arizona
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How many times have you had a birthday party and half the presents you got you never use? How many times have you found those presents in the back of your closest and say, 'I remember when I got that. Better throw it away since I'm never going to use it.'? Every kid has had that happen to them after a birthday party. One year I was cleaning out my closet and found some old presents that I never used. While I was throwing those presents I never used out, I had a thought. Kids in the hospital would actually use these presents and they need these presents more than I do. It gets real boring to just sit in a room for day after day without any thing to do. So I had a good idea for my next birthday party. Instead of my friends bringing presents to me, I'll ask my friends to bring presents to kids that are in the hospital. They would actually use the presents while I would forget about them and soon throw them away. Soon my birthday came and it went, then my birthday party came. There were so many nice gifts for kids in the hospital. When it was present time, I had a lot more fun looking at all of the presents that my friends brought for kids in the hospital than opening presents. It was so cool! Then there came the delivering the presents to the hospital. The place we donated the presents to was the Phoenix Childerens Hospital. It was so cool to go there and get a tour of the hospital! The president of the hospital gave me a very cool t-shirt and she also gave me a thank you card signed by nurses from the hospital. Although that stuff was nice the real reward was knowing that there are kids in the hospital that will enjoy those presents more than I ever would.

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