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The World of Plastic

August 24, 2019
By Linssy GOLD, Shenzhen, Other
Linssy GOLD, Shenzhen, Other
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Human are using disposable goods more than ever. Every day you can see people ordering takeaways, with layers of disposable packages which are unnecessary and wasteful. Opening up your lunch, unpacking the plastic bags, cartons, disposable straws, which within an hour all ended up in the bin. We are not considering the polluted situation of Earth, our home.

Nearly two million single-used plastic bags are used every minute around the world. More than a half billion of plastic straws are used every day. Around eight million tons of plastic are entering the sea annually. However, only less than 1% of the plastics are recycled. Those are astonishing yet true facts.
As we all know, plastics are non-natural materials that cannot be dissolved and can harm the environment greatly. Marine life in the sea often swallow plastic accidently which causes deaths. Plastics in soil can release toxic chemicals and therefore effect groundwater and agriculture. We must start do something to stop the world from collapsing from plastics, to protect our environment, our planet, our home.
Disposable plastic materials should be used as sparingly as possible. This is actually very simple, starting from daily activities, such as shopping with your own jute bag, avoiding ordering out foods, or purchasing products that have less packaging and so on. If every one of us put forth efforts, there will be big changes for sure.

Moreover, recycling is important as well. Even if you have used plastics, you can use it more than one time, recycle it, giving it life again. For example, a plastic shopping bag can be used as a trash bags afterwards. Plastic bottles can be made into creative artwork with a little imagination.

Yes, disposable plastics are very convenient, but think about the drawbacks and the harmful effects they can have. Isn’t it more essential to protect our environment rather than having the convenience just for that while?

Plastics can affect not only our health but also the world we are living in. Humans have to start to have awareness about the overuse of plastics. Only in this way can we keep our home from becoming the world of plastics.

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