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Respect the 3 R's

June 1, 2009
By Alexis Burlile GOLD, Park City, Utah
Alexis Burlile GOLD, Park City, Utah
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Have you noticed that temperatures are rising all over the world? Temperatures are rising because of global warming. I think that humans should try to stop global warming before it gets too serious. It is ruining animal’s habitats, glaciers are melting, and stronger natural disasters will happen more often.

Global warming is destroying animals’ habitats, such as polar bears and coral reefs. Polar Bears are in danger because in the north pole and Antarctica the icecaps and glaciers are melting. Cam Elliot, Manitoga conservationist says, “When their major bay/ocean melts the polar bears are forced to shore,” which can cause them to drown. Also coral reefs are extremely sensitive to the temperature change of the ocean . Coral reefs all over the world are being affected because of the change in temperature. Coral Reefs are suffering from bleaching, some coral reefs get so stressed that they eventually die. Marine Biologists have seen more evidence of this since 1998. Scientists expects to see more bleaching going on for at least 50 years. Unfortunately, bleaching going on between coral reefs is supposed to rise 70% in certain areas.

Glaciers are melting because of the sun’s radiation. Some of the glaciers that are melting are the ones in Montana. For example, Glacier National Park, in Montana, there used to be 150 glaciers in 1910 now there are only 27 glaciers still remaining. That is an effect of global warming. In the Arctic all ice is supposed to be gone by 2040. Mark Serreze, scientist on snow and ice, says, “All ice in the world will be gone by 2070.” Also a team of scientists say that, “for the second year in a row, the snow is not refreezing like it is supposed to.” If global warming keeps going on, then ice will keep melting. The world will have more tsunamis and they will also have more floods. Those things will occur because the ice turns into water which puts more water into the ocean. Also different places such as Hawaii, Caribbean Islands, and California might go under water.

Last, more hurricanes/typhoons will become stronger. They will also happen more often. For instance, Jay Barnes, scientist, say that, “warm water is the key ingredient for hurricanes, and more intense hurricanes could happen because of the warm water.” The same thing in the pacific west, more typhoons will happen because of the temperature of the ocean. Kerry Emanuel, professor of atmospheric science says hurricane and typhoon strengths have gone up 50% in the last 3 decades. Kerry also finds out that every 1 degree Fahrenheit the ocean goes up, a 5% stronger the hurricane/typhoon will occur.

In conclusion, I think that humans should try and stop global warming before many animals’ habitats get destroyed, before any important glaciers thaw, or hurricanes get too serious. Humans can help by turning off their lights when they are not using them, because then humans will not be using as much fossil fuel; which affects the ozone layer. Also, turn off your car so you don’t use as much fossil fuel, again fossil fuels hurt the ozone layer. Next, carpool as much as possible so you don’t waste fossil fuel.

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