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Our Earth and her solution

June 5, 2009
By Paigie BRONZE, Roseville, Michigan
Paigie BRONZE, Roseville, Michigan
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My name is Paige R.; I attend the International academy of Macomb, but my home district is L’Anse Creuse. The International Academy of Macomb is a school for students from eighteen different districts that are eager to learn about the world through an international lens, in our World Studies class, we are learning about issues in ecology and economy. One of these many issues includes climate change, an issue that is spoken of often, but nothing has lead to its conclusion, and it is about time that this issue be stopped. There are many ways that one could go about doing so, and no one option is correct, but one of these options include the advantage of supporting both ecology and economy, and according to David Suzuki, “Ecology and economy have the same root word – ‘eco’, and it means ‘home’. But what we have done is elevate the economy above ecology.” Support for balance is very important. In order to protect our environment and economy for future generations, the United States should focus on the environment and lessen carbon emissions while creating advanced biofuels by cooperating with organizations that support this cause, such as the NRDC (Natural Resource Defense Council).
The United States should support NRCD because it focuses on building not only the environments conditions, but the economy’s as well. The NRDC defines the best biofuels, “The best biofuels are those that make it environmentally and economically possible to produce more food and fuel and do it in a way that clearly reduces global warming pollution, conserves and enhances soil and water resources, protects our fragile wild lands and native ecosystems, and improves the economic welfare of workers and communities.” The NRCD is very exclusive in what it calls ‘good biofuels’ and what it calls ‘bad biofuels’, it only categorizes those biofuels in which are good for both economy and ecology under ‘good biofuels’. They consider coal fired corn ethanol plants a bit ironic. Using such a carbon emitter to help grow what is supposed to be a carbon eliminator. Where is the common sense?
The United States should support NRDC because it is innovative in creating new programs with great incentives, and these incentives are hoped to be supported by the U.S. government. While explaining one of their innovative plans, NRDC proclaimed that, “A Billion Gallon Challenge would strive for 1 billion gallons of low-carbon biofuels by 2014 produced using feedstocks and conversion technologies that promise scalability and broad sustainability.” The organization is in strong support of the ‘good biofuels’ that fit their exclusive definition. One of the programs that they have brought to attention the U.S. government is “The Billion Gallon Challenge”. This program asks the government for tax deductions as an incentive for citizens to participate. Incentives such as tax deductions are very seductive and work well, so if the U.S. government decides to cooperate with NRDC, the probability of success is much greater.
The United States should support the NRDC because its core, foundation, and its programs directly coincide with the Kyoko Protocol. “The major feature of the Kyoto Protocol is that it sets binding targets for 37 industrialized countries and the European community for reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions,” (UNFCCC). The Kyoko Protocol mainly focuses on reducing GHG emissions and global warming pollution. This is also a big part of the NRDC’s plans. “Bad biofuels are those that degrade the environment, and make global warming pollution worse,” (NRDC). Both the NRDC and the Kyoko Protocol are supportive of ridding the earth of the harsh air pollutants that destroy the earth and speed up global warming. The NRDC is a very important piece for slowing the effects of global warming.
The United States should cooperate with organizations such as NRDC to lesson carbon emissions and to create advanced biofuels to protect our environment and economy for future generations. There are many things that we, the public can do. For instance, you could simply write to newspapers to spread awareness. I urge you to visit www.nrdconline.org, and then click the button that says “Take Action” to learn about many opportunities that are open to the public to make the earth a better place. Another way to support Mother Earth is by writing letters to congress and government officials. I urge you to take charge of the future, for it is in your hands.

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