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Iron Fist Environmentalism

March 28, 2008
By Anonymous

Sometimes we must do radical things to insure the safety of mankind. My plan to save the environment is just that. We need to create a monopoly on the auto-mobile industry. This way we can control what designs go out and make them all environment-friendly. People will buy them because... well … they have no other choice. We also need to be tougher on littering and other pollutions. It would be easy to turn pollution into a really “uncool” thing to do. If we do this I firmly believe that our situation with global warming will start looking a little better.
Whether we know it or not, large businesses are choosing what we purchase EVERYWHERE. My solution is no different; if you think about it. Certain designs for our new car selection will become popular and some will become unpopular. Think about why you would like a nice sports car. A large portion of that want is a result of wanting to show other people. With my plan, people will still get to have the latest and greatest design and become superior to their friends. That’s all people really care about.
Ruling with an iron fist isn’t always a bad thing and can yield great results. If we crack down on the little things like littering, it would make a huge difference in the overall health of our planet. They have done this in places like Singapore and Finland and guess how many people litter? None!
Back in the 60’s smoking was a social norm. Almost everyone smoked and never thought anything about it. As time progressed, we learned that smoking could harm us. All kinds of ad campaigns were launched and information was passed around. In the 20th century, smoking is not only rare; it’s not even cool to do anymore. The exact same thing can be done with littering. We need to properly educate the youth of the effects of littering and other kinds of pollutions. If we can make pollution “uncool,” we’ve won a major victory.

Drastic times call for drastic measures. I know that parts of my plan impose on certain freedoms we have, but we can’t just take the easy way out of this one. There is no easy way out, it’s do or die. This planet was just fine before we showed up. One should feel that it’s our responsibility to step up and do this. We owe it to ourselves, our kids, and every single living thing on earth. We screwed up, now its time to fix it.

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