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Taken for Granted

April 1, 2008
By Anonymous

Taken for granted, used and abused, indispensable. The world we live in today is a magical creation that shelters mysteries, miracles, and phenomenons. The unique experiences that humanity rarely allocates time towards may only be recognizable to their children in their school textbooks. Without the legitimate consideration of improving the global environment, the modern marvels of today will become the prehistoric past for the future generations.

One of the most apparent effects of the declining environmental conditions is global warming. The depletion of the polar icecaps is a reverberation of what the people are doing to their property. One thing that must be done to increase the global health is to limit the use of ozone-destroying chemicals. Alternatives to these substances can be found by using solar energy instead of petroleum, organic chemicals instead of harmful pesticides, and nuclear power plants that emit hydrogen instead of destructive gases. Each step is necessary to creating a better environment for future generations.

In addition to reducing global warming, humanity also has to take into account for all the natural resources that are being destroyed on a daily basis. The endangered species list is climbing exponentially and not much is being done to rectify the problem. Part of the reason so many animals are becoming extinct is because their natural habitats are being consumed. Natural rainforests are being eliminated daily to be used for lumber and are creating severe consequences for humans and animals alike. Humans, being the ones who have inherited the natural sensation, are solely responsible for maintaining and protecting the Earth for their future generations.

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