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October 23, 2007
By Anonymous

slimy mud stuck to my dark blue jeans, making me gasp in disgust. The smell of dead fish, stagnant pondwater and reeking garbage filled my nostrils. I clenched my belly so i wouldn't regurgitate all over myself.My auburn hair tangled from the seaside wind that was on a quest to make my hair turn into a rat's nest. i couldn't believe the sight of the coastline covered in trash and objects that couldn't be identified. My hands slipped on glass bottles,sharp needles, wrappers, and a million others that would be classified as harmful debris to the environment. I felt sick to my stomach realizing the amount of garbage on this once beautiful shoreline crawling with colorful wildlife. I couldn't help asking myself the same question over and over again. How could we let this occur on the earth that is so-called "ours" just because we are greedy and naive creatures. All i felt like doing while spending my day rummaging through rubble and trash was screaming. Screaming to the world that we all need to take part in cleaning up our mother earth and re-create the environment that we once had. if only the world can understand the harm that everyone is contributing to earth, maybe they can realize why fixing the planet is so important. When we leave debris and sharp objects on the beach, or other places, we are harming our surroundings, and not to mention the animals that are part of earth as well. I only want to state that it is possible that if everyone makes sure that their garbage is recycled properly and thrown away, not on the ground, but in a trash can, the environment can be a safe and fascinating place without harmful residue everywhere. Not only will mother earth be proud of our garbage accomplishments, but I'm positive that anyone who participates with picking up garbage will be proud of their effort too.proud because they know that we owe our mother earth a clean environment without reeking garbage everywhere. If everyone participates and puts in some effort, it will make a significant difference in the beauty and safty of our earth.

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