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Our Most Valuable Possession

November 6, 2007
By Anonymous

Global warming is a real problem and will impact future generations. This climate change is affecting us right before our very eyes, raising temperatures and melting glaciers. This crisis is also hurting more than just us, it is a concern to the well-being of many species of animals. Let alone what is happening to our world today, the way things are going our climate and lifestyles will change dramatically in a few years. This global crisis is a huge concern and needs to be stopped.

The ten hottest years ever recorded have all occurred within the last 14 years, the hottest of which being in 2005. Coincidence? Wrong, this is one of the many climate changes that we are facing right now, because of global warming. These warm temperatures are causing bigger problems still: glacier melting and massive storms. The sea-ice extent in the world has dropped over 40% and when people visit our once magnificent glaciers they are seeing huge chunks of ice crumbling off. Lake Chad was once one of the world’s largest lakes is now dried up to almost nothing. There have been many storms in the past years, including Katrina. These storms can also be traced back to global warming. When the ocean temperatures rise it causes bigger storms. In Mumbai, India 37 inches of rain fell in 24 hours. A neighboring town had a severe drought while this massive rain fall was occurring, proving what crazy things global warming is doing. How can we say global warming is a myth while all of these changes in our climate are happening as we speak?

With species loss occurring at a pace 1000 times greater than it should it is safe to say that global warming is affecting more than our own kind. 279 species of innocent plants and animals have become extinct due to global warming. The hotter temperatures dried up many plants eliminating food for many animals. But species are doing more than just decreasing, some populations are increasing. Because of shorter and warmer winters many insects are not dying, causing a major overpopulation. The Pine Beetle is a perfect example of this. Fourteen acres of spruce trees are dead because of the overpopulation of these beetles. Even more devastating, for the first time scientists have found that polar bears are actually drowning, swimming over 60 miles, searching for ice they can’t find. This is truly a global warming tragedy and if you don’t stop it for yourself, stop it for the polar bears.

Stop and think about everything that’s happening to our planet right now because of global warming. Now think over everything much worse. Because this is what will happen to our in the years to come if we don’t stop this global problem. It has been predicted that within the decade there will be no more snows of Kilimanjaro. If other glaciers and sea-ice keep melting at the rate they are, many countries would overflow with water. It is predicted that Greenland alone could raise water levels up 20 feet world wide if it melts. If things keep going like this textbooks and world maps around the world will have to be rewritten. Global warming is bad now, but in a few years time it’ll be worse.

It is due time to put an end to this climate crisis. Our own country produces 30% of the problem. From simply unplugging electronics that aren’t being used to purchasing a hybrid car any changes you make could make all the difference. Environment friendly light bulbs use 60% less energy than a regular bulb, and they last much longer too. Planting a tree will add beauty and shade to your yard, but it can also absorb over a ton of carbon dioxide in it’s life time. Recycling, buying recycled items, and cutting back on drive time. All of these tasks will help put a needed stop to global warming. After all, what’s at risk is our planet, and it is truly our most valuable possession.

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