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Dear Mr. President

June 25, 2011
By taintedannex GOLD, Hong Kong, Other
taintedannex GOLD, Hong Kong, Other
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Dear Mr. President,

I write to you as a child, a member of the next generation, and a member of the Earth we all share. I am not American, but I am a person. You and I, and the rest of the world, are one and the same.
I write to you because you are the President of America, and that's worth more than just a title – you are the leader on the global stage. You’re the one to make things change.
And so I write asking that you please do something about the environment because if you don’t, and no one else dares to until you do, there will be no one who speaks up and nothing done. As much as I am sure there are members of my generation who would like to do something and dream of the day when we are in charge of the world and have the power and opportunity to turn our dreams into reality, by the time we get to the places you are in today, there may be nothing left for us to do - not because you’ve already solved the problem, but because you didn’t.
I write to you because I hope – for a better future, for the world, for a change to believe in.
I write to you on behalf of us all, to please take the lead.
We don’t want any more empty promises. We want action, and we can’t do it alone.

A child of planet Earth

P.S. Please remember the beauty of the mornings when you wake up - the gorgeous colours of the sky that streak across smiling faces of comfortable sleep and the promise of a bright new day. Please remember the beauty of the evenings when you go to sleep – the brilliant stars that dance in the sky that remind one to dream. Please don’t this be taken away from us.

The author's comments:
It's about time some action be taken regarding the environment. People are getting tired of waiting for governments, who are supposed to be leaders of our countries, to take action. This is a problem that transcends borders, and arbitrary debates and issues that bog down the path towards solving this problem - the ones that plagued cop15 - have no place here. This is not a platform for politics and silly bickering - this is where we all need to step up. This is why there are initiatives completely set up by the people, sick of waiting for the government to step up and do their jobs, but this is something we can't do alone. This is something that takes everyone's help, and whether you believe in climate change or not, it is our responsibility to reform our daily actions so that they aren't so disrespectful to the planet. This is where we all ought to be holding hands and standing as one, united, rather than fragmented and divided.

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