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Humans Are Kind of Disgusting

December 19, 2007
By Anonymous

Humans are kind of disgusting. Wait, wait calm down! Just take a step back and view the whole thing. I mean how do you think the world would say if it could talk? We have to look from nature’s side too. We aren’t the only things that matter in this world. The Earth revolves around the sun not us! It we break something no one but us is going to fix it. We wont just wake up one day and find it all brand new! We cut down trees and dirty streams so we can build. Most importantly we have war. Even we fight against each other! We kill innocent people. Just about over anything too! Land, oil, men, woman, resources and so much more! Why can't we just live together? Life would be so much better if people didn't have as many children too. Why don't we all adopt?! Why not take a child out of a bad situation instead of making a new one and leaving that child there? There are lots of kids in horrible places. Then they’re taken out of those places just to be put in an orphanage, which can’t be much better. Also if you really need to have your own kid just have one! You don't need 13! I read about these families of 15 and I just want to scream. “YOU DON’T NEED THAT MANY KIDS!!! YOU SHOULD HAVE ADOPTED.” You only need one! Yes I understand that people want large families and I’m sure those people are nice people but they aren’t very smart! We can stop this now. We could make the next generation better! We don't have to over populate this planet! It's a choice! Someday people might not have to worry about how many kids they have but that time isn't now. We must watch each other and ourselves. Or there will be no future but poverty.

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