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Project Wolf

May 23, 2008
By Anonymous

Wolves are the lions of the northern hemisphere. You know, wolves and lions aren’t all that different. They both blend in with their habitat, a lion has a mane round it’s neck and a wolf has thicker hair around it’s neck than the rest of it’s body, and they are a both feared for their strength and hunting skills. Not that different are they? Now, here’s a question, why do people hate wolves so much but not lions. They aren’t that different. They’re both even hated for their cons. They both eat a farmer’s livestock, they both destroy property, and they both can cause death to humans. Don’t take me wrong, a wolf doesn’t just come and attack you, you either have to be making a lot of noise, trespassing on the wolf’s territory, or threatening the wolf in a violent matter. In fact, there are more deaths to people from coconuts hitting them in the head more than being attacked by a wolf. Now let me ask you a question, if lions are more likely to attack and kill a human than a wolf than why do people hate wolves more. I’m a member to this website called and I am a subscriber to their newsletter and a couple of weeks ago I got this e-mail saying that something needs to e done for the wolves. On 03/28/08 wolves were taken off the endangered list in the northern Rockies mountain range. Then one day later, eleven wolves ere killed! Scientists predict that if people in the Northern Rockies range keep killing wolves like this that the wolves will be completely extinct in 2010. You could help the wolves by writing a letter containing your concerns for the wolves to your governor. To find you governor’s information go to Also, to sign some petitions to help save the wolves go to

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