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To Save a Forest

October 14, 2008
By Anonymous

Imagine the quiet beauty, silence settling over the ground like a mist, but there is not really silence. Twisting branches cover the sky, and the quiet singing of birds
and small animals echo within. A forest. Peaceful, quiet, and alive….. But not for long. These Beautiful places are being destroyed. Whether by littering, logging, or hunting, forests are slowly disappearing. Now I wish to tell you how I’d save them.
First and most importantly I would limit logging. Not all logging is bad; thinning makes room for trees and other plants to grow. When loggers cut down trees, I would make them cut in small areas, widespread over the forest. They would also have to plant a tree for every one they cut down. I would be the one pushing for less paper use, and more brick and concrete buildings.
Second, we need to help bring back the animals we’ve nearly wiped out. Animals like wolves, bald eagles, and other forest dwellers are disappearing due not only to poaching, but deforestation, and pesticides as well. I would try to fund a research facility that would research less harmful way of getting rid of bugs and other pests. I would also bring in as many volunteers possible to plant trees on Arbor Day.
Last, but defiantly not least, I would try to have regular volunteer days to help clean up the forests. Plants grow much easier without decomposing garbage sitting on top of them (I’m sure the animals don’t mind it either). Forests aren’t garbage dumps! It would definitely be nice if people would just pick their garbage up in the first place…. If there were any trails, I would put some locking garbage cans designed to keep animals out near them.
Although I am not really in charge of the forests, it’s my hope that people will follow these examples and take care of them. As I can only imagine the horror of a sun scorched land devoid of life, air and shade where only stumps remain to remind us of our once mighty forests.

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