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By Vidushi Sharma BRONZE
Secaucus, New Jersey

We’ve all seen our share of scientists in white coats, explaining what global warming is, why it’s dangerous, and what we can do to stop it. We encounter protests against fossil fu...
Vidushi Sharma BRONZE, Secaucus, New Jersey
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By jennyxleigh BRONZE
Winchester, Virginia
jennyxleigh BRONZE, Winchester, Virginia
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By David McClain BRONZE
Westland, Michigan
David McClain BRONZE, Westland, Michigan
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By Unknown
Unknown, Unknown
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By Unknown
Unknown, Unknown
9CatsPerLife101 PLATINUM, Fairfax, Virginia
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By Sarah R.
Moody, TX
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By Dillon R.
Riverside, CA
ashlock6 BRONZE, Reno, Nevada
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By Sarah Jane McGinn BRONZE
Fremont, Michigan
Sarah Jane McGinn BRONZE, Fremont, Michigan
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