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Go you can do it

June 2, 2009
By james boyer BRONZE, Donald, Oregon
james boyer BRONZE, Donald, Oregon
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“Run run”, Say mom, dad and friends!
They cheer me on when I run the 1500 meter. I am in the 8 grade, and I want to set a goal for me and that me have-not determined yet. It was time for go to the track and work on my running, and I did well. For our school it was a time of 4:51 and I was doing about 5:20. So I had to work hard.

I told my coach I wanted to break the school record and they pushed me to the limit and it was hard, but they never stoped and it made me stronger. Day after day they pushed me more, more every day. A track meet come and I was nervous and we came to the starting line and bang! So we start to go I was running I was running heard at the end I herd the time of 5:00. I was off by some time but I did was 20 seconds faster . I did well.

I went to practice and they said push yourself harder so I work as herd as I can to. So I eat work, and warm up and Run some more. So after 2 week of that I was ready to go to the track meat my last time for me to brake the school record and I was scared and they said “Boys 1500 meter 2 call’, say the man in the crow nest. It was scary because it was my last time. I was at the starting line and bang we where off and we were going fast and sweat was dripping down my forehead! And my heart was going as fast I was. But we were on to the last lap and I ran that last lap so fast and came over that line. So I look over and the man say”4 minutes and 45 seconds”, when I head that I was so happy, but so tired!

I was so happy that I broke the school record. I can’t believeif it and mom and dad were as happy as I was happy with me and it was cool, but I was hungry and could eat a cow but I settled for a llama.

So put time in and push yourself, good things will happen like magic you have to work for it.

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