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Natural Supplements

June 4, 2009
By Mollie Stampfler BRONZE, Plainwell, Michigan
Mollie Stampfler BRONZE, Plainwell, Michigan
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prescribe a synthetic form of licorice to treat stomach ulcers. Also for an upset stomach, peppermint oil or tea can do the trick. These are much more healthy for your body, with fewer side affects than medicine you would get from the store or a doctor. Herbal teas are found to cure many things as well.

Green tea is another herbal wonder. Although all teas are natural antioxidants, it’s different from other teas because it’s not fermented. This leaves all the natural components in the leaf. A study at Pace University found that green tea kills the bacteria that causes cavities and strep throat, and other tests done on animals show that it can lower the risk of some cancers. Drinking green tea can also lower bad cholesterol.

Boston’s Tufts University conducted a study in which 65 people with high blood pressure were observed. The people were asked to drink hibiscus tea, and in doing so, the average person’s blood pressure was lowered seven points. This was about equal to leading blood pressure medicines.

Other things, such as vitamins and minerals are good for the body as well. Magnesium is good for nerves and muscles. Niacin lowers cholesterol and improves circulation throughout the body. Vitamin A, which can be found in green leafy vegetables and carrots, improves eyesight, makes skin healthier and helps growth. Vitamin C helps your body fight infection, and is in many fruits. In order to maintain your body’s tissues and be all around healthy, your body needs Vitamin E, which is found in whole grains, eggs, nuts and seeds.

Natural medicines and vitamins are sometimes perceived to be unreachable or hard to find. However, these are easy to find, at places such as Meijer and Walmart, or natural health stores in the area. A lot of them are in everyday healthy foods as well. Taking these small steps can improve your life greatly.

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