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Teen Depression

December 10, 2010
By ceb105 BRONZE, White Castle, Louisiana
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In everyone’s lives, there are times when we feel sad or unhappy. This is normal, as bad events happen, and eventually we learn to deal with them and cope, and then we move on. But sometimes, people can feel this way much of the time, for months or years, and do not know how to cope with it, or find it extremely difficult to move past the troubles of their lives. Many times, this can mean the person is dealing with a case of depression. Depression can happen to anyone, but when you add in the raging hormones of teenagers that wreak emotional havoc upon their lives, it can add to the depression. These hormones can also make it hard for other people, and even the teenagers themselves, to figure out the difference between the “normal” effects of teenage hormones, and what may be depression.

Depression can be defined as a state of feeling sad or inadequate, and is a psychotic or psychoneurotic disorder. There are changes in thinking and behavior. Teens with depression can show many symptoms, including a sudden drop in grades, difficultly concentrating and making decisions, pains, like headaches and stomachaches, and fatigue, memory loss, and excessive or inappropriate guilt. They can also show changes in sleeping patterns, like sleeping excessively, or having trouble getting to sleep, and also sleeping during the day and staying awake at night. They can also show changing in eating habits, from eating excessive amounts, to losing appetite and interest in eating. Depressed teens can also show a withdrawal from friends, isolating themselves from other people, which eventually adds to the depression. Depression causes them to lose motivation to do activities, and the will to keep going in life. In severe cases of depression, some even turn to suicide.

The causes of depression vary from person to person, and depression is normally the because of multiple causes. Students with lower grades can feel inferior and worthless because of them, and feel they can never be as good as the 4.0 GPA students. Then, as depression can cause them to lose interest in schoolwork, their grades get lower, deepening the cycle. Many times when teens feel alone and without friends can cause them them to become depressed. Family life can be a big influence on a teens life as well, as well as stress coming from sexual orientation, as well as other causes of stress. Depression is also genetic. If the teen’s family has a history of depression, it is much more likely that the teen will become depressed as well.

Depression is real. It is a sickness that affects your mind, and in turn your body, just like a cold or any other illness. But there are cures for depression. There is always hope. Teens with depression should let someone know, so that they can get help. Help for depression can come in many forms, such as therapists, social workers, and even antidepressant medication. The best form of help is different for every person, so it is important to find the one that works best. It is a process, but it works. Those with depression are not alone, and they can be free from it.

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