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Gadgets-Do They Really Make Our Life Comfortable?

June 1, 2008
By Anonymous

Every week, dozens of ultra-expensive, swanky gadgets are introduced in the market. All of these mechanical devices are supposed to make life really comfortable and easy. But is it really worth it to spend such a hefty amount of one's hard-earned money on these gadgets?
Are these gadgets really worth all this hype and sensationalism?
The markets nowadays are high on the gadget-o-meter.People, especially children and teenagers are competing against each other as to who is more tech-savvy.
But we have failed to see the other side of gadgets. Today, every child is glued to the plasma TV set his parents gifted him on his 7th birthday instead of being out there in the park, playing football with his friends. As a result, children have turned themselves into useless couch potatoes.
Thanks to e-mailing, people have forgotten how to write letters. Due to this one's creative potential is not being fulfilled.
We are very proud to switch on our state-of-art air conditioners whenever we feel even a little warm. But we are blind to the fact that the same air conditioner is causing huge holes in the O-zone layer.
So, gadgets do not exactly replicate our life to heaven.On the contrary, they turn us into overdependent fools. So, think again, before you take out your wallet to pay for that latest gadget. And yes, start moving your limbs a little!

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charucool said...
on Feb. 6 2014 at 4:40 pm
nice article ....... if u have anything relating to  FOR THE TOPIC  then please post it !! thanku !!