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Scooter Wreck

November 17, 2008
By Anonymous

On an awesome summer day, Shelby and I went riding my scooter everywhere around in Hamburg. I almost always drove since it was my scooter. The one time I didn’t drive my scooter, of course, the scooter ended up wrecked. It happened on a beautiful summer day…

When driving around, we laughed with joy, and did things on the scooter. Shelby started to sing a song that we always liked to sing together. Most of the time it was “I Kissed a Girl,” by Katy Perry. If Shelby started the song then I chimed in right after she started to sing the song. She can’t feel lonely singing it with me. Some times, we just gazed at all of the amazing and beautiful sites around us. Of course you know in the summer time there is always something beautiful to stare at, like the flowers that just started to bloom or have already blossomed. Even to find unique trees around us seemed fun, since they had just blossomed flowers, or if they just started to grow seeds, leaves, or even fruit on them. I know that probably sounds dumb, but honestly, what more is there to do while riding on a scooter. Hamburg’s not a very big town to ride in, but we sure found a way to make it fun.
Well, I was driving Shelby around to show her some sweet places. After we got done riding the scooter for awhile, and wasted half a tank of gas, we went back to my house to take a break for a little bit before we took another ride on the scooter. So, when we got back on the scooter, Shelby asked, “Can I drive now you drove all day?” You know I surely said yes to one of my best friends. It was pretty impossible to say no to her. While we started to leave my house we thought we should ride around everywhere again, which sounded like a good plan since there’s no better way to have fun. There’s one road that we wanted to go down, but it gave you a creepy feeling. We decided to be rebels and go down the road, just to see what’s down the road.

Bull Fork Road, the rebel road that we went, and it went pretty nicely. Nothing went wrong or anything. Actually, everything went fine and ran smoothly.

I started to talk to Shelby about a friend of ours who once wrecked really bad and almost died. He went around a bend and lost control. Of course, a little bit after that we went around a sharp bend with gravel everywhere on the road. Shelby thought about our friend, as she drove around the bend, and she slammed on the brakes. We flipped forward and went over the handlebars. It’s one of the scariest things we’ve ever done. We called Tyler because we wanted to go to his house for awhile after we got done riding the scooter. Lucky enough, he ended up being home and he took us back to his house and his parents cleaned up the rocks in our scrapes.

Shelby and I, scared out of our minds, to tell my parents about how badly the scooter ended up looking. The argument actually ended up nicely, not too horrible, because my mom was only a little upset. My mom just glad, that we didn’t get hurt really bad. Shelby and I learned from our experience not to take big risks that could end up bad. I know we’ll definitely check out where we ride before we go there.

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