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January 12, 2009
By Anonymous

Dear A.C Nielson Co:

I’m a T.V. junkie. Grey’s Anatomy, The Office, One Tree Hill. I don’t miss an episode. Thursday nights are zeal with anticipation. Is Jim finally going to propose to Pam, or are Derek and Meredith finally over? I was reading your article entitled “Television and Health” and “Influence of Television.” I felt the statistics were too generalized, and off base.

When reading “Influence of Television,” I read “According to an American Journal of Public Health study, an adult who watches three hours of TV a day is far more likely to be obese than an adult who watches less than one hour.” (TV-Free America) I disagree. I comprehend obesity is a concern, and it’s not an issue to ignore. But, I watch three hours of TV a day and I don’t think I am fat. Nor do I think any one of my family members suffer from weight issues. I am sanguine if you balance TV watching with good nutrition and exercise obesity will not be a problem. There was statistic: “Number of minutes per week that parents spend in meaningful conversation with their children: 3.5” (TV-Free America). To me, this is a fabrication used in a coerce manner. I can’t comprehend how a family could talk to their child for four minutes a week. There is nothing that important on TV to take away from a family.

You need to re-check your facts and statistics. To me these are fruitless. The statistics are used to coerce us. To make us feel guilty about how much time we spend watching TV. I’m not going to feel bad. I maintain a well-balanced schedule. I’m active in sports, I watch what I eat, and I enjoy watching TV. You need to comprehend not all people use TV negatively.

Thank you for taking your time to read my letter. I hope you take what I have to say into consideration. If you would like to reach me you may use the address on the top of the page.

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sallyeye said...
on Mar. 7 2010 at 1:34 pm
i liked the way you said about television because we are so much in TV, that we will miss doing our homework, but we don't miss watching our favorite program