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Freedom from a Mental Illness

November 21, 2015
By Anonymous

What freedom means to me. It would have to be freedom from a sad and hopeless feeling known as  mental illness, and what I mean by that is I mental illness can make you feel trapped. It feels like you can never escape you’re very strong and powerful emotions. They come in very different shapes and sizes. Most people think of something you see as coming and shapes and sizes, but the truth is you can see emotions.

Medicine can help, but it also takes hard work. While l you read this see if you start to understand what I mean by all this.

Mental illness puts you in a sad state of mind. You start to feel worthless because you feel  different than everyone else. The feeling of hopelessness tends to wash over you. Like nothing can help you. Friends would help if you could get some.  People may approach you, but the way you feel pushes you to think that they’re just there because they want something from you, or because they want a laugh. Of course in this world that we’re living in that maybe true there are some that just want to be your friends.

It can cause a feeling of being trapped almost as if you can’t leave or, control your emotions. They just continually pushed you down until you can’t get up. You’re in prison and within yourself you can get out of that hole they pushed you into creating sadness. If people were free from this. They would never be in that dark hole.

Feelings really do come in all shapes and sizes. Before I said that you can see emotions, and you can you see what they do to that person,and the actions they take while feeling these emotions.It makes it much easier to have an outburst. Having a major out burst due to these feelings. Sooner or later saying sorry for your outburst only to learn sorry doesn't always help.

Medicine may help a little. You have to work hard to help the medicine, because the medicine only helps stable your emotions not make you happy. After years of unhappiness you have to learn to be happy. It's not easy to do. Although you don't have to, and won't always be happy. Most of the time you will just feel normal, which is better than before.

Those are the reasons I chose freedom from a mental illness. Being free from you controlling thoughts. Freedom to find happiness. That is so important it's in the constitution a document saying we have the right for freedom. After reading this it is my hope you understand why everyone should be free from this after all we all have disabilities and hardships.

The author's comments:

All of this is how I feel because I do have a mental illness.

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