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Feedback on “Body Language”

December 10, 2018
By sharonliu19 BRONZE, Brooklyn, New York
sharonliu19 BRONZE, Brooklyn, New York
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Feedback on “Body Language”

    “Body Language” is a beautifully written piece by Emma Seybert. The story itself takes readers on an adventure of a girl battling with body image. She doesnt look the way she wants to and constantly is teased for that. A simple word like “fat” can cause her insecurities to overwhelm every day life. The author allows words such as “burden” and “venomous” to describe the pain this character is experiencing. By constantly using details to move the image along, Seybert creates an outstanding story.

    In the modern world, beauty and body standards have become unrealistic, to the point where many people face health and mental issues. This piece reflects that problem by explaining the battles the narrator must overcome just to find happiness. At the end of the journey, it only took one person’s encouragement to relieve the pain that the young girl had grown accustomed to. The writer does an amazing job enmeshing an avoided discussion with a touching story.

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