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February 7, 2019
By sharonliu19 BRONZE, Brooklyn, New York
sharonliu19 BRONZE, Brooklyn, New York
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“Noel Returned,”  a fiction piece by Esmé Kaplan-Kinsey is a sentimental story told from the point of view of a young woman speaking to her grandfather. Esmé uses dialogue between the narrator and her grandfather to present flashbacks of one of grandfather’s experiences during war. He tells her the journey of his friendship with a man names Noel. The two were inseparable and longed to be family. Although the friends had their differences, such as what would happen to people after death, they still had a bond unlike any other. Sadly, Noel passed away shortly after and the narrator’s grandfather was devastated. Part of his coping involved going to a séance, where he finally got a glimpse of Noel again. This grandfather told the story of Noel with such passion and detail, it created such a heartwarming piece.

Like the narrator in “Noel Returned,”I have a great relationship with my grandpa. He tells me wild stories of his childhood and family. Most of the time, the stories are lighthearted but some tell the tragic death of loved ones. He smiles painfully as he recalls happy memories with the person. These raw moments with my grandpa strengthen our bond. I’m grateful that he can be so open with me; it’s another reason I love him so much.

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