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Feedback on The Man With No Shoes

May 23, 2019
By sharonliu19 BRONZE, Brooklyn, New York
sharonliu19 BRONZE, Brooklyn, New York
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“A Man With No Shoes” by Madeline Gerber is a beautifully written piece that opened my eyes about a situation that I have been guilty of. The story follows Winston, a man who studies the shoes of other people in the public. From this, he makes assumptions about them. On a regular day at the train station, he usually sees Louboutins, Converse, boots, and Nike sneakers. But today, he comes across a man who does not wear shoes. Almost immediately, Winston assumes that the man has “questionable intelligence” and is “dangerous.” He avoids making any interactions with the man. Finally, the man tells him the reason he is barefoot is that he had to sacrifice his shoes to afford a birthday cake for his daughter. The story has a heartwarming ending, as Winston understands his situation. With shame and sympathy, Winston hands the man his own shoes.

This event made me realize how much I’ve silently judged people that don’t deserve the criticism. I’m not aware of why or how that person has ended up in such a position, so it isn’t my place to jump to such conclusions. All it takes is for your apartment’s rent to be raised and you lose your job. Just like that, you’ll have to sacrifice your very own belongings to put food on the table. Until you have learned someone’s story, it isn’t acceptable to determine the type of person they are. Thank you, Madeline, for reminding me that until I have suffered like so many others, I am not to judge.

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