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Feedback on “Stars”

October 31, 2019
By Anil123 BRONZE, Brooklyn, New York
Anil123 BRONZE, Brooklyn, New York
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The poem “Stars” reflects humanity beautifully. It’s a short 10-line poem on the topic of which the poem is titled. The first three stanzas, containing 3 lines each, start with “They” and follow with an adjective about the actions of the luminous astronomical object. The final line is what makes it special though. It ends with “So do we”, implying that we are just like the stars we see every night.

Recently, I have been plagued with doubts. I wonder: Am I good enough? Can I make it in this world? How far will I be able to go? I question myself and everything I’ve been told. “‘You’ll shine like a star,’” they tell me. But don’t they realize that the stars have faulted, too? They do not shine to their greatest potential every night. It’s only on certain nights the the beauty of the stars are in full light and illuminate to their brightest potential. Perhaps it’s time they realize it’s easier said than done. Perhaps it’s time they realize that being a star means much more than numerical grades. Perhaps it’s time they realize non-perfect grades do not mean the end of the world. Perhaps it’s time they realize we’ll have to go through much more serious issues to fully achieve that. Maybe it’s time they realize it’s our adversity to power through these challenges that truly make us shine. Maybe they’ll finally realize nobody is perfect. Not even the brightest stars.

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