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By Anonymous

     Thank you, Melissa, for writing “Like At First Sight.” I completely agree that too often, teenagers believe they will fall in love at first sight and live happily ever after. This is rarely the case.

Teenagers, on the whole, are not mature enough to handle serious relationships. Many girls become interested in a guy only after they find out he likes her, and vice versa. Teens who try to form relationships often base them on looks because they know nothing else about the person. I am certainly not saying it is impossible to have a worthwhile relationship in high school, but a truly meaningful relationship takes work. You cannot love what you do not know; getting to know someone’s likes, dislikes and quirks is what makes you love them.

Initial physical attraction is important, but consider what that person might look like in 50 years. Appearances may change, but if you are able to love someone for who they are emotionally, spiritually and intellectually, your relationship will thrive. Love at first sight is not possible, but love at tenth, eleventh or twelfth glance is.

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