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When we get older

September 28, 2007
By Anonymous

I can connect to a poem called “When we get older”, September ’07. I always think about making memories and reminiscing about them when I’m growing gray hair stuck in a wheelchair, thinking how crazy I was when I was a kid. Knowing I lived my life to the fullest. Making memories that last a lifetime and you can keep reliving all the moments that made you feel that you were on top of the world. I just hope ill never forget them. I remember going cliff jumping with my mom in Jamaica and going diving with the sharks in the Turks. Taken my moms car every weekend when see falls asleep to go pick up my girlfriend and go to the cove. That’s our favorite spot. We have fires on the ice in the winter nights and long walks around the water line in the summer days. Knowing all those memories I shared with her I wouldn’t trade one for a million dollars. That’s what I think love is.

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