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January 4, 2008
By Anonymous

In the January 2008 issue there were many articles I liked. One article was “Insomnia” by Patrick. In this article he talks about how hard it is for him to fall asleep. And he describes it well.

The way he describes how the ‘past and the future duke it out” is very creative. And I can relate to that feeling. Many nights I have sat up and had the future give me false hope and the past give me present grief. And then things quiet down. Then my mind then starts to think of ways I can fix the past and undo the future.

As the night rush pass “my mind is flood with music” as Patrick describes. I start to sit and sing songs or even create my own songs that don’t make any sense. That process of songs rushing through my mind usually puts me to sleep but some night a thought of the tremendous day to come knocks me out for the final count and I fall happily to sleep.

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