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Keeping Music Real and more

March 12, 2008
By Anonymous

Keeping Music Real

I am both ways on how Abby feels. I do feel that people these days don’t know artists for their music but for their outfits etc. But who says that’s bad? I mean yeah, artists should be known for their lyrics and music but its nice to know that you can connect with an artist not only but what they say but what they do. I think it’s nice to see kids looking up to these artists. It’s not all about what comes out of their mouths. I think it can be a positive thing too.

Writing Silence

I agree with this article 110%. No one can take away our mouths and our words. These terrorists have attacked our lives and our country and our brothers and our sisters, but don’t let them take away your right to speak out. Don’t let the terrorists take your mind either. Don’t give them the power to change your mind and how you feel. They can take our money and our buildings but they can’t take our pride for this country and our love for our soldiers.

If I were in Charge of the World

I love this poem by Jessica. I can totally see her point of view. I wish she did rule the world. If only everyone saw the world through her point of view instead of being greedy, envious, and cruel. I think if everyone read this poem it would make them a little brighter and make them smile a little longer. I think we all just need to enjoy the little things and just enjoy life.

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