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My Fear of S MAG

October 22, 2008
By Kurtis Lam SILVER, Phoenix, Arizona
Kurtis Lam SILVER, Phoenix, Arizona
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I can relate to Alexandria F.’s article, “My Fear of S,” in which she tells the story of overcoming her lisp. I have a speech problem too that was terrible when I was younger, so I understand her pain. I would never talk in class, just like her, because I was scared of being laughed at. Over the years, I mostly got over it, but to this day, I still have some problems. She said, “I never stopped trying. I never gave up entirely or complained; instead of saying no to my teacher, I said ‘Yes.’” That showed how amazingly strong she was. She made me realize that the pain will pass, and I should never stop trying. Thank you, Alexandria. This article lifted my spirits and made me stronger.

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