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March 4, 2009
By Kurtis Lam SILVER, Phoenix, Arizona
Kurtis Lam SILVER, Phoenix, Arizona
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I truly am amazed with Alison G. article "Cope" I am dealing with the same situation. Torn in between with either letting go or fighting to keep things alive. Giving up is not who I am. Sometimes letting go isn't giving up. It just makes you strong by doing something you do not want to do but instead doing the thing that needs to be done. I believe I do not need to find love at this age. It all leads to heartbreak in the end. Alison seems to be very confident about herself. I personally like the part when she said "Break up, or break down, Fight for it, or let it go" It shows that there is only two simply decisions to make. Which can be one of the hardest one to make in the teenage life. Making decisions you do not wanna make, it only gets you a step closer to being an adult and facing the real world. Thank you Alison for making my life clearer and motivating me to grow up.

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