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Dear Mrs. P

July 9, 2009
By Isaac Ortega BRONZE, El Paso, Texas
Isaac Ortega BRONZE, El Paso, Texas
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Dear Mrs.P
Mrs.P was the science teacher for the eighth grade class, or at least the crazy one! She was a blonde, Caucasian, with a fairly thin figure, wearing a square-like black pair of glasses, and having a smile on her face you would guess that she was normal. However she isn’t and lets get that straight now.

Why do I say this, because of all the traumatic experiences both in her professional and personal life. First of all, her son-attempted suicide, a student from our school threatened her with a box cutter, and if that wasn’t bad enough that same individual completely keyed her car. The real topper in the story was me, though. I guess you could say I led her to retiring on this particular year but I will let you be the judge of that.

It all started on a sunny afternoon when our teacher, Mrs. P, exclaimed that due to all the climatic drama that was happening to her, wanted everyone to avoid saying anything behind her back. She also explained that she would assign someone to listen to everyone for her.

In astonishment that a teacher, out of paranoia, would ever assign this pointless task to someone was hilarious for my friends and I. So my friend and I took it upon ourselves to do something so sinister and even to our third amigo, Amanda!

Elizabeth and I, being amigos 1 & 2, were apprehensive in doing such a thing to Amanda. Five seconds later we did, starting with telling Mrs. P that Amanda was secretly talking behind her back. At first, it was the funniest thing we had ever seen, because Mrs. P exploded, only to find that she was taking this completely serious.
Amanda walked in, ten minutes after the stage was set, and was alarmed to see a questioning adult mad dogging her from door to desk. The prank was over. Both Elizabeth and I ran to comfort the teacher with the news that this was fake and we were just kidding, hoping that she would throw it over her shoulders.
She was angered even more and from that point on she has always challenged all of our integrities. We didn’t care; we knew that her friendship did not matter at all! We just really and truly wanted it to all end. Getting my friend Amanda out of trouble only ended in my own. She didn’t blame Elizabeth directly; she blamed me! She told me, in a disturbed tone with her nostrils flaring and eyes literally about to pop out, to go outside and wait for her. She came out and directly in a low voice to not to say anything to any of the others teachers and went back in to quiet the students. All throughout the drama the only thing I took to heart was her saying to me, “ I am very disappointed!”
I was astounded that I had the capability to do such a thing and as I stood outside Mrs. P’s doors out came the other Science teacher out of her’s and was shocked to see me in trouble. She came over and asked what was wrong and what had happened. I thought to myself, “well she is a teacher, I best just open up rather than have the wrath of both teachers upon me.” I was halfway through my explanation when, I was disrupted by none the other than the distraught Mrs. P. She saw me doing what she already said not to do and this infuriated her to a point were she told me to go inside, as I went I could hear her telling Mrs.R ,“ Excuse me, I don't get in your business so don't get in mine!”
At this point everyone was laughing and all Mrs. P could think of doing now was to send me to the office, but this time I was not alone, she told me and my accomplice Elizabeth to go and wait in the office for a referral.
Even now, about to go down in defeat all I could think of was not saying sorry or even admitting I was wrong. Ironically enough, that is what I was forced to do by the Vice-Principal because as she explained it, I had the choice between apologizing or SAC. My friend and I went with the choice in admitting that what we did was wrong and that we were truly, truly, sorry. Most of you might think it was that easy; the only catch in doing this was that Mrs. P had to feel that it was sincere. If it wasn't and she didn't like it our “kind” apology, Mrs. P could send us directly to SAC.
Mrs. P (that sucker) fell for it and we got away with what we did, the consequences for our actions to Mrs. P were easily fixed but our friend Amanda was different. Amanda’s mom felt it best that her daughter not be associated with people who would trade her in for a quick laugh. The following days proceeded with Amanda telling us “She could not be our friends NOW” but that in a few months we could possibly become her friends again.
Our reaction to this was, she no longer lives here and has moved away, for we made life hell to the point when she could not stand to even be next to us, whahaha! Her family was in the military and was forced to move. Was what I did really that bad to both Mrs. P and Amanda? Nah, I don’t believe so I think it was the best decision I have ever made. They just can’t take a joke.

Isaac (Your last draw)

The author's comments:
It is the common quarry of discord between study and teacher.

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