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One Man's Dream for a Nation MAG

By Anonymous

There once was a Man who had a Dream.
He wrote agreat Speech, so much did he believe.
He said, "I have a Dream," andthe audience roared.
He said, "Let Freedom ring," and our spiritssoared.
He pushed and shoved and opposed Segregation.
He helped as he criedout against Discrimination.
He told of the Negro on Poverty Isle;
How inhis own Land he found himself exiled.
He mentioned the promise of InalienableRights,
Among these the Pursuit of Happiness, Liberty and Life.
He askedAmerica to honor a sacred Obligation
To open the opportunistic vault to herColored Nation.
"Now is the time," he cried, "to lift ourNation
To the Rock of Brotherhood from the Valley of Segregation!"
Buthe also warned his people against Wrongful Deeds;
He told them not to seekBitterness in becoming Free.
"We must rise," he declared, "andmeet Physical Force
With Strength of the Soul, and follow a PureCourse."
He asked those gathered to return Home that day,
Recallinghis five words: "I have a Dream today."
He told us his Hope, he toldus his Dream.
He promised our nation's Anthem would have new meaning.
Andas he closed his Speech, in this phrase he basked:
"Free at last, Free atlast! Thank God Almighty,

We are Free at last!"

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