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The Planet Of The Fools MAG

By Anonymous

   On a planet far, far away live many different types of organisms. The most intelligent of these has found ways of managing and controlling the other organisms. Through a cooperative effort, the intelligent beings have dramatically altered their environment to suit their wants and needs. They have gone so far as to have divided the surface of their planet into areas of various shapes and sizes. They even have individual names for these areas.

Although these beings have a high level of intelligence, and can work wonders when they put their minds to it, they have wasted a significant amount of their time creating weapons and methods of destroying each other and other organisms. They steal from each other, harass each other, and even kill each other without realizing that they are hurting their society, and themselves, by doing so.

I now apologize for having lied to you. The intelligent beings I described do not live on a planet far away from ours. They live on planet Earth. We are these intelligent beings. If we are so smart, let's start showing it by helping, not hurting each other, and learn to coexist peacefully with all other living beings. n

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