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Stuck in Hot Topic

July 31, 2010
By Bloodscarlet SILVER, Sioux Falls, South Dakota
Bloodscarlet SILVER, Sioux Falls, South Dakota
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I went into Hot Topic a few weeks ago, which is often hard for me to do because I am in a wheel chair. Hot Topic if you have never been into one of their stores is a threatning loooking store crammed with pop culture clothes and merchendise. On this day, I happened to get stuck between the knee high socks, the make-up, and the check out counter. I was backing up and forth and the two cashiers were helping other costomers. I finnally just sat there, frustrated and turning red with anger, when one of the cashiers came over smiling.
"Need some help?" she asked, laughing a bit.
"Yes," I moaned.
"I'm so sorry," she laughed, but I could tell she was really sorry.
She pushed the make-up counter back, just as easy as that, and I was free.
"You ever need help, just come get me and we can push some stuff around," she joked, putting her hand on my shoulder.
I bought some things and left the store. All day, I thought of that lady and laughed.

Now... Before you say she was just doing her job; I've been in that store dozens of times, spent hundreds of dollars and got stuck exactly seven times and never has ANYBODY done that. A simple act can make someone believe.... and keep them coming to your store.

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