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The "Teen Mom" Epidemic? Or Reality?

June 27, 2011
By JuarezMonica SILVER, Ontario, California
JuarezMonica SILVER, Ontario, California
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Maci, Farrah, Catelynn, and Amber have become household names. Some may cringe at the thought, but yes. Teen pregnancy should not be frowned upon because of its new found limelight,” Teen Mom’. The struggles of a new, unprepared, confused, and young mother are important and in this day and age media is the only way to get that across. Those pamphlets and “Talks” aren’t working anymore. If we can not realize the issue , how can we begin to defeat it?

I take not my situation, but my sisters as an example. An average teen living in the valley, like any other party go-er would. In a relationship and only looking at what was in front of her. Thriving in sports and living with ease. However, she got caught up in the moment of dating and sex. And nine long and life altering months later a baby was put in her arms and the dad seemed to be picture perfect. Over the next year I observed my older sister, only four years older than me, change. Her partying ways surely departed and more and more I was seeing her adolescent glow fade. Although she still felt sneaking out and running away was the only way, she realized what reality was. Her baby’s dad was going to go on living like any other nineteen year old. But she now was a mother, nurturer, and although she still lived at home with six other siblings she had become a sole taker.

The issue is not teen pregnancy the issue is prevention. Leaving that topic alone is not going to cut it anymore. Or else America is going to see more and more frightened kids cutting umbilical chords. Schools should go the extra mile to orchestrate the life of a parent. Pregnancy can not be an at home study any longer.
I may pledge to not follow in my sisters’ footsteps, but how long until I’ve become uneducated? Educate on the Epidemic.

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i was insprired by two close women in myl life that struggle but survive.

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