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Can You Say Prejudice?

November 15, 2008
By Anonymous

‘Being gay should be illegal’
Boy, did I have a fit when I heard that! Mind you, I am straight and from a Christian-based background, but I am all for social equality. I have a good handful of friends who are either gay or bisexual.
These words came from a very close friend of mine who I have known since elementary school. However, in middle school, he started voicing his opinion loud and clear for all to hear. Being respectful, I ask him if what I heard was correct. With a cocky expression he replied ‘You heard me.’ For the next few moments, I am silent, trying to get my thoughts in order. I always knew what he thought, but this was so discriminative, I couldn’t help but loose my cool just a tad. Upon asking him his reasons, his answer was ‘Their blood is acid’
At this point, prejudice is screaming in my head. Being the actress I am, I manage to keep a cool front and turn to face him completely.
‘I’m sorry to say, but that is wrong and heartless to say such a thing. Because they don’t have the ‘conventional’ love our society is used to, you’re stating that freedom of love should be banned,’ I try to keep my voice low, since we’re in class and have a bit of free time for the moment. I love to hear everyone’s opinion, but my friend’s comment made my blood boil.
‘So? It’s just not right!’ he answers. I don’t want to sound cocky and sure of myself, but I know he won’t be able to defend himself against my debate. {{I’m fierce in a debate}}
Instead, I let my mouth drop open and stare at him, furious to say in the least. Even better, he continues on to say to his friend, loud enough so I can hear, that he wants to make a shirt that isn’t to nice. I’m censoring his words because I prefer not to share that bit of information. He knows that I’m offended and the smug smile in his expression tells me he knows what he is saying.
At this point I stand up. I’m just about to slap this boy. In a hushed down, I speak with vehemence, ‘Not only are your statements hateful, but you’re being prejudice. Not only have you insulted anyone who is unashamed of being a homosexual, but you’ve gone too far by offending me. You know my opinion and I know yours, but you’ve just destroyed my respect for you by being so rude and smearing the title of homosexuality in front of me.’ Unfortunately, I gained a little volume as I spoke and the room fell quite to hear what I said. Brushing my bangs out of my eyes, I wait for some smart-aleck reply. As I predicted, there would be none.

The author's comments:
Now, please don't take me as a b---h. My friend just went to far and was far too disrespectful infront of me. He should have known better.
So, yeah. Thanks for reading!

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on May. 17 2009 at 10:31 pm
Xinwen PLATINUM, Brossard, Other
44 articles 0 photos 25 comments
You're... awesome. xD

Well. Might as well admit it - I'm gay.

And I don't really care. You know the funny thing? It took me a while to figure it out, to figure myself out. But that's only because everyone's been assuming that I'm straight. It's difficult to tell them they're wrong and say, "Uh, well, actually..." (yeah, I still haven't outed to my parents) But it wouldn't have been so hard to discover if it weren't for the fact that people seem to make such a big deal out of it.

How did we get rid of racism? By not CARING about someone's race, of course. Why can't we do the same with sexuality?

Because I can assure you, while being gay is a part for me I wouldn't want to - in fact, couldn't - let go, it's not the ONLY thing that I am. When people ask me about myself, the first thing to mind is, "..I'm an artist with ideals." I wouldn't mention my sexuality, just as I wouldn't mention my race.

So we're homosexuals. But above that, we're people.

...Thank you for hearing me out. xD I think I needed to get that off my chest. What someone's sexual preference is seems like it should be a rather.. trivial matter to me. Like what someone wears or what kind of music they listen to.

If only.

Thank you again. For writing this, and for standing up to your friend. I'm not insulted, more saddened that he sees things that way. Hopefully, he'll think it over after this.