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February 14, 2018
By Anonymous

Prejudice: A predetermined opinion that is not based on reason or a realistic experience. Prejudice is spread around the world where people refuse to understand certain things about a person or culture, they refuse to learn and develop a solid factual thought on their position. A definite example is privileged people who fail to comprehend and are biased, they sometimes refuse to learn or have a better grasp on how people are and what they may be interested in. Prejudice is now becoming a more sensitive topic, more people are standing for themselves and rebelling in order to experience some type of equality. They want to fight for how they feel and what they worship and don’t want to be distinguished in a certain radical group.

So, why does prejudice still exist? As so many are still trying to decipher the same question, I think it has to do with the people you are around. For instance, if you grow up with someone who is deathly afraid of spiders, most likely you are also going to be scared of spiders. Searching for a way to open yourself and your mind and try to understand how these people or what they may believe and educate yourself. Discrimination can create feelings of shame, anger, and resentment. These actions can have far-reaching effects and will insult someone on what they may perceive as a very sensitive topic. People who suffer from the effects of prejudice may have lower self-confidence and can impact their social relations with other people. Recognising exactly how things may be perceived may be less understood to a different eye.

I do think prejudice should be distinguished from its flame and that people should be more open to others ideas instead of shutting them completely down for something they may not be able to help.

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Used for a class assignment, but I enjoyed writing this. 

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