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Introverted Things

July 29, 2019
By Lyra_stardust GOLD, Tirupati, Other
Lyra_stardust GOLD, Tirupati, Other
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 I'm an introvert.

It's very commom these days to find introverts where ever you go. Once, introverted people were very rare. But now, it's just not the case. Each class has a minimum of 6-7 introverts. Out of 10, 5 people just call themselves introverts even though they secretly love being extroverts. These so-called-introverts are seen mostly alone but when approached and made friends with, they behave like complete extroverts. These are people who are at the verge of becoming complete introverts but are still not. Then the rest 5 people are complete introverts. These people hate social meetings, partying and spending time with a big group of friends. They prefer to be alone and choose a book or music over being social and the center of attraction.

 Now I'm trying to convey here that no one is born introverted. Every person likes to talk for hours together but there should be listeners right? If every one talks, who's gonna listen? Introverts are going to, because they did have a hunch about this problem.

 So these introverts did love talking and meeting and hanging out with everyone at some stage of their life. But unfortunately, they were either ignored or were severely hurt that they lost interest in passing time by hanging out with a bunch of friends. They might have been bullied, cheated on, lied to or completely ignored. Apparently, this experience which they would've encountered, might be too harsh for the soft hearted or sensitive people. So they understood that being alone is far more better than being hurt and began to love being alone. Eventually, they would distance themselves from people and start building a hard core relationship with books,novels,music, art/craft or concentrating more on academics or sports.

                         Another important thing to note is introverts are created by the harsh behavior of some cold hearted people. The increasing number of introverts shows how bad the society is transforming into. Why would anyone choose a life less thing over a human being? That's because the lifeless thing wouldn't hurt them like a human would. Get it? So these introverts don't waste their time and energy on trusting people.

I took my time and explained about introverts because the others; that is, the extroverts, must know that it is on them, directly or indirectly that more people are turning introverted. What I'm asking them to do is simple, don't be harsh towards sensitive people. They too deserve a content social life. Next time you see an introvert, go up to them and make them talk as much as they can. For a change, be a listener. Over time, you'll see how cool he/she is. Make them realize that being with friends is as cheerful as spending time reading a book, and that being introverted is not really necessary.

The author's comments:

I'm an introvert, as you've read. But I really understood the problem why people are turning introverted. I really wanna decrease the number of introverts to some extent and am trying to help the society. 

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