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May 27, 2009
By erikaee SILVER, Lake Charles, Louisiana
erikaee SILVER, Lake Charles, Louisiana
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We saturate ourselves in the knowledge of well-known philosopher Aristotle and employ common sense into deciphering the language of a segment of Nicomachean Ethics. I've attained that the attributes Aristotle describes in a friendship are all based upon goodwill towards one-another. Friendship, by Aristotle’s definition, is in fact scarce. How do you know who your friends are?

I think that this line of thought is what brings us to this over -intellectualized society of needing answers just to feel justified in having made good choices. If being a good friend is convenient for you, than why hold yourself back? Almost all human relations are based upon benefit. Who should know how to be a good friend? Our instant gratification could have horrible effects on the future. Ones worst intentions could help an enemy in unconceivable ways.

True friendship is love without motivation. Friends are accomplices in havoc, lovers in combat, for with a lover’s true alliance, the fraying threadbare sweater will never be dissipated.

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