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Living Life

October 21, 2007
By Ariana Turner GOLD, Overland Park, Kansas
Ariana Turner GOLD, Overland Park, Kansas
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Living Life

Everyone wants their life to amount to something, to mean something, to be remembered, to be lived to its fullest. But is it possible to live our lives to their fullest when life is full of mistakes, wrong turns, and million of options lying, undiscovered, in front of you? Well, I don’t know, but I do know that there is no perfect life. What does matter is if the way you’re living you life is satisfying to you. Your life is fully up to you and every moment will define it.

We are often spoiled, not necessarily by our parents, but by our surroundings. We take so many things for granted. We focus and dwell on things that are bad about our life. We forget the things that are best about it. You won’t worry about your skin until one year you start breaking out like crazy. It’s a shame you didn’t appreciate your good skin when you had it. You won’t appreciate your body until you suddenly gain twenty pounds. That’s just how everyone’s mind works. We all do it, in different degrees, but limiting it will make such a difference in our attitude towards life.

“Bad is never good until worse happens.”

This quote is wise, eloquent, and true. So remember it when you think your nose is too big or your cell phone isn’t good enough.

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