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October 31, 2007
By Anonymous

What is the real meaning of Christmas? On Christmas do you open presents and exchange gifts? Have you ever thought that not everyone has a Christmas. Or instead they celebrate Christmas like it really should be. Christmas was intended to celebrate Jesus with the people you love, having a good time together, not just opening gifts. It was never meant to be about gifts.

I realized that Christmas is not about presents. Or how many you get its about being with the people you love. Ever since I was little I would always get a bunch of gifts. I thought Christmas was about getting gifts but its not. As I got older I realized not everyone gets a Christmas, and not everyone got the amount of presents I got. And that’s when I started appreciating Christmas more and more. To this day I understand and appreciate Christmas more than I ever have. I still get presents on Christmas but not this Christmas. I told my parents that I do not want anything for Christmas except there love. And what I’m getting them is something that I’m making from my heart. This year me and my family have decided to donate food for the animals at the humane society. Also we are going to deliver hot Christmas dinner to people in need instead of buying presents for ourselves.

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