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November 17, 2007
By Anonymous


No body wants to admit that they are racist but racism is a huge problem in our society today. The world has issues with racism, maybe even worse than the Unites States.

How about you? Do you fall under the racist category?

Throughout history Caucasians (whites) have always thought they were the better race because there were more of them. What did “whites” do to any one that had a different shad of skin? They made them slaves and treated them like trash. There are always people who stand out of course but what can five people do against a crowd of thousands? I myself am a Caucasian girl and I happen to thing that Martin Luther King Junior is the coolest guy ever. Without him who knows where the United States would be now. Even think what would our life be like today if Rosa Parks wouldn’t have stayed in her seat in that bus? Now that’s something to consider.

The thing that I think is funny is that America and the world are still racist. For you, “white” people reading this, do you get uncomfortable when a “black” person walks past you? For you “black, Asian, pink, purple, yellow” people, do you get uncomfortable when a “white” person walks past you? We are too focused on what people look like on the outside that we judge them before we get to know them.

I have met several people who are racist. One of my dearest role models called my friend a Mexi and asked if she had a really messy home. No joke. This person thought that just because me friend was born in Mexico that makes her not as good as us!

I love African American kids. Not that I don’t love all other kids either, but there is something that just stands out about African American children. They look so sweet and innocent. There eyes do it for me! The darker skin gives African American kids these puppy dog eyes. I would love to adopt a little African American child when I got older. But there is a slight problem.

Again one of my role models was talking about Negros. I figured that they were brought up to call African American’s Negros so it slid past my mind. Then, they started talking about how if a Negro joined their family that they wouldn’t love them as much as the other members! Can you believe that?

Now for those of you who aren’t Caucasian, I know some of you are racist. Probably thinking stuff about Caucasians that isn’t really that right. I don’t really know what you are saying because I’m not in your position but that doesn’t mean that you still don’t have to change.

People, why are we called African Americans, or Asian Americans? Because we are all Americans! Just because you have a different heritage, then some people doe4sn’t mean that you should be condemned to a life of starring eyes! That’s what makes America so great, our diversity. I know that a lot of people are racist because that’s how they were brought up, but they can change just as easy as we can. We are all people fighting for a peaceful country right?

So instead of hiding your handbag when an African American walks by, or looking down at the ground when a Caucasian comes down the road, treat them the way you want to be treated. The golden rule is so important and if people would just realize we are all people no matter what color, height, age, weight, or how rich we are we are all Americans. Without each other all we have is a bunch of people fighting with one another and where will that get us?

Please try to think to yourself, am I racist? If so what can I do to change? It's that easy, and yet so many people think its so hard!

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