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The Suite Life may not be so “Suite” to watch.

November 20, 2007
By Anonymous

The Suite Life may not be so “Suite” to watch.
Have you ever heard a joke so bad that you laughed? When I tuned into “The Suite Life of Zack and Cody” (on Disney channel Friday nights from 6:30-7:00.) I had that experience about 50 times. This show is about a single mother and her twin sons living together in a five-star hotel because the mom is a lounge singer there. Watching “The Suite Life” was a waste of time because of the horrendous acting, the corny writing, and the hard-to-relate-to plotline.
The characters on the “Suite Life” are supposedly very close, like they’ve been together for years .On the Christmas episode of the show the mother Carrie (Kim Rhodes), even states “It’s so great celebrating a fifth year together for Christmas .”If she hadn’t made that statement then acting would lead you to believe they had all just met the day before. Especially the Parent-Child bond, the bond that is supposed to be the strongest in the show is actually the fakest and the stalest. The mother attempts to help her children with their problems in a caring, loving manner, but she doesn’t take any risks with her acting and it comes out boring and un-natural. You might as well hire some hobo off the street to play the mother.
The writing of this show is another reason to cringe .The entire Script is a thousand punch lines worked into the plot, occasionally there is a laugh, but about 95% of the time it’s just a corny joke that everyone and their mother has already heard. The writing also seems to focus more on the jokes than it makings any sense at all for the characters to say, the writing has no twists at all and sounds just like any other Disney channel show.

The plot of this show is a lot like the setting-hard to relate to. The target audience for the Disney channel is ages 7-14, but “The Suite Life” themes make it hard for any kid in that age group to identify with. Most of the plot ideas are either typical hotel situations in an over-exaggerated manner or the ideas are overused in other Disney sitcoms, but it’s set in a five-star hotel, which makes it a confusing and often boring combination, so the plot can get confusing because there is a few essential pieces missing in the story. An example of this would be one of the main characters, London Tipton (Brenda Song) who is an extremely wealthy heiress whose father owns the hotel, she and the other characters are always talking about her tons of friends and getting into trouble with fellow celebrities, but you never see her away from the hotel or with her friends.
So, basically “The Suite Life” of Zack and Cody is definitely lacking in good acting, good jokes, and a plausible plot watching this show was a waste of my time and the Disney Company’s time and money to make it. So unless you’re looking for a show with too many corny jokes and a confusing plotline, don’t watch “The Suite Life of Zack Cody”.

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