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Change the World

May 3, 2010
By Tomboy GOLD, Broken Arrow, Oklahoma
Tomboy GOLD, Broken Arrow, Oklahoma
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"The human heart had hidden treasures; in secret kept; in silence sealed; the thoughts; the hopes; the dreams; the pleasures; whose charms were broken if revealed" - Charlotte Bronte

I think and have a feeling that in three years somethings going to change, but it will start in two. And it will be adults who do it. Everybody out there, this is for every kid even if they're five up to anyone that will join.
Kids have the power for everything. This generation is an interesting one. There's kids who have been beaten, abused, starved, bullied. And there's also kids who have always lived in big house, always had food, loving friends and family. Right now this doesn't matter, nothing of what you have or don't have. If you want to do something to be proud of listen here.
Like I said above, kids have the power for everything. Any school rules you don't like, if everyone joined, they could be changed, to a limit for some. If we wanted to change a law, we could.
Let me tell you right now that when i say change and join together, i don't mean killing. i mean understanding the human brain and realizing what has to be done. I realized that humans have corrupted their minds to much to violence and power and will do anything for a kiss, sex, drugs, harm, anything to get revenge or make themselves feel alive. Live your life to the fullest is wrong when it comes to that.
What I'm wanting is not something like a perfect world, but if when i die i want kids to have a say, not everything like respect your elders and you don't know what you're talking about. I want teens to know when they should have sex or do drugs and have their mind open enough to realize what they're doing. I want everyone to find what they want in life and their goals have pure reason. I know people are naturally selfish but that's what we've let humanity slip into. What happened to when the Framers of the Constitution made it so that America could be great, not for fame reasons. I will admit, part of why I'm doing this is to be the leader of something huge, but I want this to happen. And i want it without war, poverty, deaths, and more money. I don't want bribes in this, no full on manipulations, bullies.
I know adults have ruined and changed the world for good and bad, but kids have also done it. A few harsh words have led to shootings in schools and deaths.
For this to work at all we need everybody, not just some loving hippies in a corner talking about it or preps and jocks kinda talking about it but also making fun of it. If one school changes, everything will.
Also, be observant and notice things people do and why they do them, it'll help.

The author's comments:
I've been thinking about this type of stuff and I love the concept.

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