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Just Wasting Time

August 21, 2010
By abby0road SILVER, Gales Ferry, Connecticut
abby0road SILVER, Gales Ferry, Connecticut
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Facebook. The universal connector. "Power to Share". Find anybody, anytime, anywhere, because they're all there. What have they been up to lately? What have you been up to lately? Post a status. And all those photos you and your bff took Friday night. That hot guy at school doesn't know you, but you know his favorite bands, movies, as well as what he was doing 2am on Tuesday.

There's no thought involved. Log on, 27 notifications. SoandSo liked thatkid's post on what'sherface's wall. As so well put by one of the fanpages [now like-pages, overpopulating the Internet universe] "I get bored of Facebook, so log off, then I get so bored I log back on." You get sucked into this alternate world...

An alternate world for it is, who do you want to be? Be it.

Revolutionary Facebook, the downfall of humankind? Communication is slowly disinigrating, led by texters and usernames annonymous. When someone says something funny, what will we say; "I like that!"? I too have been the one to say "THAT is going as my status."

Faux emotion with a smiley.

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