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Passion for Fashion

November 7, 2010
By LuisaLima GOLD, Aveiro, Other
LuisaLima GOLD, Aveiro, Other
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"Sometimes we have to shake the tree of friendships to make the rotten ones fall"

Fashion. For some it's everything; for others, it's hell! But really, who has boundaries? Who knows fashion is an important part of society's life but doesn't let it get to him/her? I could point out who doesn't have boundaries. Should I do that, are you ready to hear it? I don't think so.
First, the sexes - boys and girls, men and women. This society is filled with discrimination, an fashion doesn't escape that. I've seen in my 16 years of life, whether in movies or in real life (Should I note that I do not live in Milan or Paris, or New York, and that what I see refers mostly to the movies?) this passion for fashion but only when referring to women and gay men, even though that is not entirely true!
"Devil Wears Prada", great movie - it shows us the boundary! You still can't figure it out what I'm talking about?! Fashion is art; you are creating, letting your inner feelings out. But let's not generalize, specially if you buy your clothes from a brand wich you know their number of shops are more than your number of fingers and toes together. I buy my clothes in those shops of those brands, I admit. I'm not rich, so... But the point is, you have be conscious about it. In my country, everyone tries to be as superficial as they can; they buy and buy, even though they don't even know what they're buying.
Second, fashion is meant to please, but commerce ruined everything. It has made our trends creators fall into the dark side of inertia. It's all about the "green", that hideous thing called money. What happened with inovating? It's in the trash, along with those missing something-drawings.
I've always been a fashion lover, maybe because my mom made me a very feminine girl, or maybe because I'm obsessed with not having what it takes to be good this huge world, and it has made me realize we need to have boundaries. Yes! We need to say ''yes, everyone must have a black trousers and a white chemise'' but also ''no, I wont wear black nails because they make me look 30 years old, not 16, even though they're in fashion this season''. We need to take it seriously. Who do you think an employer will want to be his employee? Someone that knows how to combine their clothes and knows how to behave in public (don't you think fashion doesn't teach that, because it does) or someone that dresses absolutely the way they want, just to prove they don't follow fashion or society? Think guys, be smart! Be yourself with your friends, with your family, but use the society problems in your use!
Everyone should love fashion, learn its concepts and use them in real life. Don't be shallow, but don't be stubborn. Surrender yourself to it, but don't let it take your personal opinions away. Have a bit of the society in you, but don't change yourself.
Have boundaries.

The author's comments:
I think it's necessary to alert people when it comes to fashion. It isn't just about glamour or superficialities; it has a whole other different role in our society.

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harshit said...
on Aug. 20 2014 at 5:20 am
thanks this helped me alot. its fab its awesome i can not explain its wow 

on Jan. 24 2013 at 12:15 pm
MakeingmyowntypeofVogue1 BRONZE, Easton, Pennsylvania
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I LOVE the last paragraph!