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One Simple Step

November 15, 2010
By twizz98 GOLD, Minden, Nevada
twizz98 GOLD, Minden, Nevada
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People around the world are being abused,dying or are being killed. And we, as bystanders, watch. Give then a pat on the back and ingnore watch is really going on. We are complaning because our parents grounded us, when kids in Africa don't have parents. We are complaning because we have to go to school, when kids don't even get to go to school. We are lucky. Many think I'm saying crazy, stupid things that are lies. But they are the ones sayng this and haven't wonken up to reality yet. Ones who think that these simple mishaps are tornadoes, when really it is a smal whisp of wind passing our faces. Kids in other countries are praying to be able to survive the next day with out food or water. Some diying because they don't get the medical treatment they need. It is a crazy and selfish world we are living in. Some are blind to this and that really makes me sad. Sad for them, because they don't want to make a difference in this world. A small act can cause reaction though out this world. We can turn bad into good, and ugly into beautiful. We can make a difference. One step in the right direction can change everything. So help out our world as we work together as one.

The author's comments:
This topic is very heart filled and sad, but it is the reality kids across the worl are facing. Please help out them. Just one person can make a difference.

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