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Play Your Cards

February 4, 2008
By Anonymous

How do you play with the cards you’ve been dealt?

(Get over it you’ve nothing to lose)

How do you pray when your world starts to melt?

(Shake it off and look for the clues.)

What do you do when your parents threaten your life?

(Learn from their mistakes, have a child, change the mood.)

What do you do in a brawl and he pulls out a knife?

(Kick and subdue him, shake your head, tell him he’s rude.)

When every day, your high as a kite, then you start to feel ill?

(Open your eyes, (write this down) AND CHANGE THE ROUTREEN)

When you’re alone in the night and it seems your only light is a pill.

(Be serene, wait for dawn, and remember, there’s no holy tween.)

If you tried counting sheep, and still cannot sleep.

(Open your eyes, (remember this shit) AND CHANGE THE ROUTEEN.

If you’re stuck in a rut, and every door has been shut.

(Start from scratch, earn yours, build a house, buy a door.)

And when you open your eyes, you may feel a bit surprised.

(Just shake your head, close your eyes, (your awake) now feed the poor.)

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