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What Matters

January 14, 2008
By Anonymous

What Matters

What matters most to me is honesty. Without honesty our country would fall apart, we would all be unsafe, and we wouldn’t have strong bonds with other people. These are some of the reasons that honesty is what matters most to me. They are all important to a good society.
Honesty helps build bonds. With honesty you build up people’s trust. When people trust each other, they don’t have to be so uptight around each other. When people are a lot less uptight, they form good relationships. With good relationships, we can build a good society.
Without honesty our government wouldn’t function very well. We would have a bad society. If we had dishonest rulers, we may be in trouble because they might have lied or cheated to get the votes. If they lied or cheated, we could have an evil dictator ruling us. We also might have a bad society if our judges and representatives were dishonest, because if they were dishonest we may have criminals running the streets and innocent people in jail. This would make a bad society.
The world would be unsafe if people were dishonest. An example would be that if someone said they were going to be one place, and they were somewhere else, they might get hurt and no one would know. People also may be dishonest and tell someone that someplace is safe when it is not. A third reason is that a murderer may lie to stay out of jail, and might assault someone else. Also, without honesty, people might cheat on tests and graduate college by cheating and get a job that they have no idea what they are doing. An example is that if a brain surgeon cheated his way through college, he could kill someone doing brain surgery. This is why honesty helps keep us safe.
Honesty is the most important value to me because without it our government would fall apart, and without a functioning government we would have a lot more crime in the world, which would make us unsafe. Without honesty people also wouldn’t have good relationships. We need good relationships to have a good society. These are some of the reasons why honesty is the value that matters most to me.

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